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Why is this site is FREE?

Why have I decided to do this? I am adding these pages to my personal website to promote and help other artists get more exposure and sell their work. I am 72 years old and have been a very successful artist for many years, selling my work worldwide. As you can see from my website I have a very special attraction to trees, and all they represent, hence the name "The Subject is Trees". At this point in my life I am having some problems using my hands to create my sculpture. But, I can still work on and expand my website! As you can see on "The Subject is Trees" site, over 100 very  talented artists, from around the world, have already joined! This is an artist to artist effort, a FREE listing for artists, created by an artist...
I am doing this on my own, I am not connected to, or affiliated with, any commercial website. If anyone wishes to purchase any work, or wants more information about the artist listed on the site, they are linked directly to the artist personal website and email to do so. I make no money from the site, in fact it costs me money to maintain it.  If you have any questions, or would like to join the site,  please do not hesitate to ask.

Color photo of Sal Villano
Thank you.  Sal Villano

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