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Lisa Paizis,    McGregor, Iowa
Original Jewelry and Fantasy Art

I am a visual artist & designer born in South Africa, now living in the beautiful Mississippi Valley, Midwest America. I have exhibited and sold my art work and designs internationally for the past 23 years and am deeply passionate about what I create. All of my work is derived from my imagination, Universal Consciousness and the natural world.  My art expresses images rich in archetypal meaning; drawing on mythological, folk and dream inspired themes as well as the divine feminine. My main artistic influences include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Symbolism and Magical Realism. I am also a printmaker specialising in etching, an age-old unique collectable hand-made printing process.  I have a blog with musings on my current artistic projects and thoughts with many posts on techniques as well:   Please enjoy !

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"The  Subject  is Trees"
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