Glass Willow on Solid Slate Base

Glass Willow on
Solid Slate Base
Wire Tree Sculpture

10"wide x 12"high x 11"deep. The tree is created using 18, 22 and 26 solid steel silver color wire. The branches and twigs contain hundreds of clear tiny solid glass fringe beads. Each glass bead is interwoven into the wire twig giving the structure of the tree a very exotic look. The tree is "planted" on a solid 8" x 6" rectangular piece of slate.  All the elements are bound together using a sand and pebble mixture and a liquid permanent bonding agent. The sand and stone mixture is painted in greens, yellows and whites, using India ink, and gives the appearance of  moss covered earth.  When this sculpture is displayed in direct sunlight, or very bright lights, it is ablaze with many colors as it reflects all the colors of the root mound, the steel wire and the dark slate base. This is a one of a kind original created by Sal Villano. Variations of this piece can be created using different types of wire, beads and bases. Please contact me if you are interested.
  # 132-9    $ 585.00

Detail of Branches, Trunk and Base



The way I ship my tree sculpture is by using a box within a box. For example, if the sculpture is 8 x 8 x 8 inches,  I wire the tree onto the inside bottom of another box that is a least 10 x 10 x 10 inches. The tree sculpture is secured  into the center on the bottom of this inner box so that none of the branches ever touch any of  the sides or inside top of the inner box. The inner box is then sealed and put into the larger outer box and bubble wrap is placed around all the sides, top and bottom of the box that has the tree sculpture wired into it. This creates a bubble wrap cushion around the entire box that contains the tree sculpture. I have been told by some of my customers that the shipping boxes have arrived upside down and battered, however, due to the securing of the tree inside the smaller box and the cushioning around all the sides of this box, the tree sculpture arrives safe and sound. I have shipped thousands of  tree sculptures, as far away as Japan, India and China. I have never had any problems, or have any of the tree sculptures been returned or damaged. Insurance on all pieces is included in the shipping costs.
Shipping Boxes set up for wire tree sculpture by Sal Villano

 to USA on all orders over $ 100.00

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