Beaded, Gem, Wire and Bonsai Tree Sculptures  by Sal Villano

SAL VILLANO, sculptor

Color photo of Sal Villano
Sal Villano was born in New York City in 1944 into a large extended family of artists. From a
 very young age he was aware of art in his life and was attracted to many different forms of
 visual expression. Sal attended public grade school, high school and graduated college with a degree
in commercial art. He continued to pursue his love of art at The Art Students League in Manhattan.
While attending college Sal worked part time with his uncle Charles Santaniello, a sculptor,
who designed and created magnificent displays for commercial accounts and several World Fairs
and Expos in the United States and other countries. It was during the time spent with his uncle,
 watching him create beautiful figures and animal characters using only chicken wire, tissue paper
and wall paper paste, that Sal realized he too wanted to become a sculptor.

After completing college Sal worked in Manhattan as a commercial artist for toy manufacturing
companies and art studios. In 1969 Sal established his own art studio with another artist. This
partnership lasted for many productive years and provided Sal the opportunity to create a
wide variety of  art work. Commissioned by several large national and international companies,
Sal, along with his partner,  produced a great deal of two and three dimensional art work.

It was during his studies at The Art Students League that Sal happened by chance to create the
first of what would turn out to be his work and his passion...Wire Trees!  While constructing
an armature to support a clay figure, Sal observed and felt that the wire he was using could
be bent, twisted and formed into the basic shape and structure of a tree. Since that chance
happening many years ago, Sal has created thousands of  tree sculptures.

Tree sculptures created by Sal Villano range in sizes 2 inches and up, using  different
wire types, colors and gauges. Each tree is incorporated into a base which then
 becomes a vital element of the piece. One of the most interesting results of  this work is that,
as in nature, no two wire tree sculptures can ever be the same!

The inspiration for creating my sculpture grew from a lifetime love of trees.
I am in awe of the stately presence and silent majesty they posses.
 I find the structure of trees to be one of the perfections in nature.
With their roots embracing the earth; in winter they show their bones,
in spring gentle buds, in summer a canopy of green and in fall a magical kaleidoscope of colors.
Beauty, pure beauty.


TREE  SCULPTURES  by  Sal Villano  
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